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    There are various types of print advertising:


    Print ads concern various groups of professionals and businesses. For instance, a poster is a great way to advertise events, concerts or social affairs.


    Flyers is a form of print advertisement intended for public distribution, usually posted or distributed in public places from hand to hand. Nowadays, flyers vary from cheap photocopies to more expensive, glossy, full-color, laminated flyers which are used to promote products, offers or discounts.

    Tri-fold brochures

    Tri-fold folders are similar to flyers. However, they differ from them in that their subject is divided in three parts. The main theme is illustrated on the front cover, whereas the two side panels include the continuation of the main theme or additional information.

    Business cards

    Business cards include information about a business or an individual. They are personally given to customers in order to help them memorize your information. A business card usually includes your name, the name of your company, your area of expertise, the name of your business, your logo and your contact information such as your telephone number, your address, your e-mail and your website. Lately, it is very common to include the company’s social media profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. The most common way clients keep in contact with you is by using your business cards. In fact, most professionals and customers keep these cards in order to easily find your contact details.

    Billboards and Murals

    Billboards and murals occupy large spaces and are used in order to not only advertise a company but also decorate it. For instance, a company can use them to decorate the interior of its offices or its windows, choosing beautiful designs, similar to its colors.


    Booklets are suggested to you in case you are interested in the promotion and the presentation of a product or an event. When there is too much information that cannot be included in a poster or a flyer, then booklets are the best solution.


    Printed banners are designed to promote advertisements and may be printed in large format. They are used by companies that want to be advertised in various events, as part of their advertising campaign. Usually, they are printed on canvas or fabric and used in places of social gatherings, such as sports fields, concert halls, campsites, beach bars etc.

    Product catalogs

    Product catalogs present a series of products and serve as directories. Most people keep catalogs in order to search for a product whenever they want.

    The creative department of our company can design any printed material you desire.

  • For companies and professionals

    Print design that is addressed to companies or professionals requires a logo which is the trademark of a company or an organisation. If your business is new, we undertake the creation of your logo. Otherwise, we use your existing logo.

    Are you interested in creating a logo? Click here

    For events

    Printed material is the best method to attract your audience, especially in case of organizing events and informing your audience about it.

  • Hexabit’s solution

    HEXABIT specializes in print design and has experience in cooperating with businesses and professionals. We understand the philosophy of each professional. We create original, unique designs and we do not use existing templates. Our main qualities are our promptness, speed and creativity.

    HEXABIT undertakes the design of various types of printed and digital material. However, we do not offer printing services..

    TipTake care of your business print design. Print advertising improves your reputation and attracts more and more customers.

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