Business Stationery design

  • Stationery design

    Stationery design for businesses and professionals requires a logo which is the trademark of a company or an organisation. If your business is new, we undertake the creation of your logo.

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    Business stationery design , should reflect in the best way possible all the information that represents and characterizes a company, in order to achieve an effective printed communication.


  • The stationery and printed material of a business may be:

    Business envelopes is a detail that can make a good impression on your clients. Envelopes can be used to send business letters or transfer documents from your business partners.

    Business cards
    The most common way clients keep in contact with you is by using your business cards. In fact, most professionals and customers keep these cards in order to easily find your contact details.

    Business calendars
    Calendars are the most usual way to note down important dates and birthdays, as well as to create to-do lists. We can create new, personalized calendars with the colors and the logo of your company. In certain cases, you can add pages with advertisements and promotions of your company, as well as other useful tools such as maps and telephone numbers.

    Notepads are a very common way to promote your company, as they are widely used by everyone and last for a long time, depending on the number of their pages. We create personalized notepads, adding, in a discreet way, the information and the logo of your company in all of its pages, as well as on its cover.

  • Print advertising

    The promotion of a business is the result of a creative process that includes many areas of expertise. Therefore, apart from the digital marketing services that we offer, our print design services, including creating an original logo and designing your business stationery, will ensure an effective promotion of your company, which will have the desired results and will be coordinated in a proper and cohesive way. In other words, the professional profile of your company, from its appearance to its content, will seem more integrated.

  • Hexabit’s solution

    Taking into consideration your particularities both as a business and as an individual, HEXABIT offers you integrated solutions of online marketing, including designing your website and building an online store. Moreover, HEXABIT may cover any additional requirements for your online promotion, offering services such as designing logos, cards, tri-fold brochures, posters, advertising brochures and any other print design you may need.

    Finally, we are committed to protecting the interest of our customers and we are certain that a creative strategy which combines digital and print marketing will cover your corporate needs and requirements, achieving your desired results!

    TipPrint advertising is always an additional method of promoting a business. Do not forget the online advertising of your company, taking advantage of the Internet and the Social Media.

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